Jonathan Cavier

Phoenix-based singer-songwriter and pop performer Jonathan Cavier is no stranger to writing catchy tunes that blend wide-ranging influences into a multi-faceted yet cohesive sound.

Originally from Northern California, Cavier (“cav-AIR”) moved to Phoenix, AZ where he performed as Alan Clark in the atmospheric pop duo, EyeTalk. Over the course of 10 years and five albums, this venture saw their music reach international audiences in Italy, the UK, and Australia. After five albums and hundreds of shows played throughout the US, Alan Clark has reintroduced himself under the pseudonym Jonathan Cavier. With one solo album, Premier, already under his belt, Cavier further defines his sound on 2017’s 10-song release entitled Blue Room.

Cavier has created a sound of his own, as he merges his new pop and rock influences with his early influences from the 80’s. Premier saw Cavier’s music reaching the ears of audiences around the world, thanks to its catchy songwriting and unique style. Blue Room, Cavier’s 2017 full-length album, promises to be all of that and more as his songwriting style continues to mature into a balanced blend of pop styles from the 80s to today.

Cavier is also no stranger to recording covers, having launched a monthly series of “Cavier Cover” song releases in late 2016. Each song in the series pays tribute to an artist, song, or moment that was key in Cavier’s artistic development.

Ultimately, Cavier hopes to “transport listeners to colorful three-minute worlds,” through his careful composition, thoughtful lyrics, and stunning visual accompaniments. In addition to his musical endeavors, Cavier is a semi-professional tennis player and a member of the USTA and IFT. Cavier says practicing and playing in tournaments is “the fountain of youth.”